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Reusable nanostructured fibers may boost sustainability of photocatalytic water treatment

nanofiberResearchers developed reusable titanium dioxide-based photocatalytic fibers decorated with gold nanoparticles, which showed exceptional ability in degrading water pollutants under UV light compared to commercial nanopowders. The innovation highlights the potential of rational fiber material design to improve efficiency and sustainability of photocatalysts for real-world water purification.

Oct 16th, 2023

Overcoming limitations of hydrogel actuators with graphene microtubes

microtube-networkResearchers incorporate graphene microtubes into hydrogel actuators, achieving up to 400% faster response and 4000% higher stress without sacrificing strength. The nanoengineered hydrogels enable untethered light and electrical control, overcoming key limitations to expand possibilities in soft robotics and biomedical devices.

Oct 13th, 2023