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New nanotechnology makes water harvesting from air far easier

water-harvestingResearchers have developed an innovative nanotechnology material that can rapidly harvest clean drinkable water from air even in dry conditions via an integrated solar-powered cycle far outperforming existing technologies. Its exceptional uptake rate, capacity, release efficiency and durability promise major advancements towards mitigating global water scarcity.

Nov 23rd, 2023

Microalgae robots capture plastic pollution in water

nanoprticlesResearchers have created controllable microalgae robots decorated with magnetic nanoparticles that can swim around and actively capture microplastics and nanoplastics from water with over 90% efficiency, offering a sustainable microrobotics solution for reducing plastic pollution.

Oct 25th, 2023

Reusable nanostructured fibers may boost sustainability of photocatalytic water treatment

nanofiberResearchers developed reusable titanium dioxide-based photocatalytic fibers decorated with gold nanoparticles, which showed exceptional ability in degrading water pollutants under UV light compared to commercial nanopowders. The innovation highlights the potential of rational fiber material design to improve efficiency and sustainability of photocatalysts for real-world water purification.

Oct 16th, 2023