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Fears over nanotechnology in food

Opponents to nanotechnology say it's a much scarier prospect than GM (genetically modified) food, and while it can make food look better and last longer, there are fears about how it might affect the human body.

Nov 29th, 2007

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A flare for gene silencing

US scientists have developed nanoparticle probes coated with DNA that release fluorescent 'flares' when they silence genes inside cells.

Nov 28th, 2007

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'High Q' NIST nanowires may be practical oscillators

Nanowires grown at the National Institute of Standards and Technology have a mechanical 'quality factor' at least 10 times higher than reported values for other nanoscale devices such as carbon nanotubes, and comparable to that of commercial quartz crystals.

Nov 27th, 2007

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