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Uranus aurora discovery offers clues to habitable icy worlds

The presence of an infrared aurora on the cold, outer planet of Uranus has been confirmed for the first time. The discovery could shed light on the mysteries behind the magnetic fields of the planets of our solar system, and even on whether distant worlds might support life.

Oct 26th, 2023

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LIGO surpasses the quantum limit

LIGO researchers report a significant advance in quantum squeezing, which allows them to measure undulations in space-time across the entire range of gravitational frequencies detected by LIGO.

Oct 23rd, 2023

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Record-breaking fast radio burst offers path to weigh the Universe

Scientists report on their discovery of the most ancient and distant fast radio burst located to date, about eight billion years old. The discovery smashes the team's previous record by 50 per cent. It confirms that fast radio bursts can be used to measure the 'missing' matter between galaxies.

Oct 19th, 2023

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Pulsars may make dark matter glow

The central question in the ongoing hunt for dark matter is: what is it made of? One possible answer is that dark matter consists of particles known as axions. A team of astrophysicists has now shown that if dark matter consists of axions, it may reveal itself in the form of a subtle additional glow coming from pulsating stars.

Oct 6th, 2023

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