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Nanophotonics - managing light at the nanoscale

Explore the fascinating world of nanophotonics and learn how controlling light at the nano-scale leads to breakthroughs in technology and medicine, from ultra-efficient solar panels to advanced medical diagnostics.

Nov 26th, 2023

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Magnetic graphene for low-power electronics

Physicists have developed a concept to induce and directly quantify spin splitting in two-dimensional materials. By using this concept, they have experimentally achieved large tunability and a high degree of spin-polarisation in graphene.

Nov 24th, 2023

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Nano-Networking: Communicating with the Internet of Bio-Nano Things

Researchers developed a molecular multiple access protocol enabling scaling up in-body molecular communication networks to multiple transmitters, bringing practical nano-networks for advanced medical apps closer. The protocol leverages dynamics of molecular diffusion to address challenges like packet detection and channel estimation.

Nov 22nd, 2023

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