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Biomolecular sliding at the nanoscale

Scientists report the discovery of a biomolecular dynamical process likely relevant to gene expression. The process, revealed by means of high-speed atomic force microscopy, involves DNA and its packaging molecules.

Mar 6th, 2023

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Scientists thread rows of metal atoms into nanofiber bundles

Researchers have successfully threaded atoms of indium metal in between individual fibers in bundles of transition metal chalcogenide nanofibers. By steeping the bundles in indium gas, rows of atoms were able to make their way in between the fibers to create a unique nanostructure via intercalation.

Mar 4th, 2023

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3D femtosecond snapshots of single nanoparticles

Researchers have managed to take three-?dimensional pictures of single nanoparticles using extremely short and strong X-?ray pulses. In the future this technique could even be used to make 3D-?movies of dynamical processes at the nanoscale.

Mar 3rd, 2023

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