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Scientists map gusty winds in a far-off neutron star system

Astronomers have mapped the 'disk winds' associated with the accretion disk around Hercules X-1, a system in which a neutron star is drawing material away from a sun-like star. The findings may offer clues to how supermassive black holes shape entire galaxies.

Apr 10th, 2023

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How to see the invisible: Using dark matter distribution to test our cosmological model

An international team of astrophysicists and cosmologists have submitted a set of five papers, measuring a value for the 'clumpiness' of the universe's dark matter, known to cosmologists as S8, of 0.76, which aligns with values that other gravitational lensing surveys have found in looking at the relatively recent universe - but it does not align with the value of 0.83 derived from the Cosmic Microwave Background.

Apr 4th, 2023

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