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A review of energy supplies for biomachine hybrid robots

The review explores cutting-edge advancements in bio-machine hybrid robots, where biological and artificial systems are merged for versatile applications like rescue missions and environmental monitoring. it examines the critical role of energy supply for these robots and the challenges that must be overcome for practical implementation are discussed.

Oct 22nd, 2023

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A step towards AI-based precision medicine

Researchers have developed an AI-based method applicable to various medical and biological issues. Their models can for instance accurately estimate people's chronological age and determine whether they have been smokers or not.

Oct 12th, 2023

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Using artificial intelligence, scientists develop self-driving microscopy technique

Researchers have developed an autonomous, or self-driving, microscopy technique. It uses AI to selectively target points of interest for scanning. Unlike the traditional point-by-point raster scan, which methodically covers every inch like the sequential reading of words on a page, this innovative approach identifies clusters of intriguing features, bypassing humdrum regions of monotonous uniformity.

Oct 5th, 2023

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Insect cyborgs: Towards precision movement

Insect cyborgs may sound like something straight out of the movies, but hybrid insect computer robots, as they are scientifically called, could pioneer a new future for robotics. It involves using electrical stimuli to control an insect's movement.

Oct 4th, 2023

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