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AI-equipped eyeglasses can read silent speech

Outfitted with a pair of microphones and speakers smaller than pencil erasers, the EchoSpeech glasses become a wearable AI-powered sonar system, sending and receiving soundwaves across the face and sensing mouth movements.

Apr 6th, 2023

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Using artificial intelligence to design innovative materials

Researchers reviewed the use of artificial intelligence in materials science and the untapped spaces it opens if combined with physics-based simulations. Compared to traditional simulation mehtods AI has several advantages and will play a crucial role for material sciences in the future.

Mar 31st, 2023

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Engineering breakthrough in softbotics

Engineers have developed a soft material with metal-like conductivity and self-healing properties that is the first to maintain enough electrical adhesion to support digital electronics and motors. This marks a breakthrough in softbotics and the fields of robotics, electronics, and medicine.

Mar 9th, 2023

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