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Nanopore method could revolutionize genome sequencing

A team led by physicists at the University of California, San Diego has shown the feasibility of a fast, inexpensive technique to sequence DNA as it passes through tiny pores. The advance brings personalized, genome-based medicine closer to reality.

Apr 6th, 2006

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Nanodots boost superconductivity

Oak Ridge National Laboratory (ORNL) researchers have demonstrated a way to sustain high supercurrents in wires in the presence of a large applied magnetic field ? a step which could greatly expand practical applications of superconductors.

Apr 4th, 2006

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How the eardrum of a locust could lead to tiny microphones

Being able to hear the smallest of noises is a matter of life or death for many insects, but for the scientists studying their hearing systems understanding how insect ears can be so sensitive could lead to new microphones able to capture and analyse extremely faint sounds.

Mar 30th, 2006

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