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Nanoparticles to aid brain imaging

If you want to see precisely what the 10 billion neurons in a person's brain are doing, a good way to start is to track calcium as it flows into neurons when they fire.

Sep 28th, 2006

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Nanoflowers blossom

Researchers have examined the mechanisms underlying the synthesis of three-dimensional nanocrystals in solution and have created a systematic method for the directed synthesis of such nanocrystals.

Sep 27th, 2006

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55,000 tiny Thomas Jeffersons show power of new method

Researchers have developed a 55,000-pen, two-dimensional array that allows them to simultaneously create 55,000 identical patterns drawn with tiny dots of molecular ink on substrates of gold or glass. Each structure is only a single molecule tall.

Sep 26th, 2006

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Researcher lights the way to better drug delivery

A Purdue University researcher has explained for the first time the details of how drugs are released within a cancer cell, improving the ability to deliver drugs to a specific target without affecting surrounding cells.

Sep 21st, 2006

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