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Welcome to Nanowerk Smartworlder – our section on smart technologies

What is Smart Technology?
We explain what the term 'Smart Technology' means. How does it work? Some examples. And we cover smart technologies for healtcare, industry and agriculture.
The Internet-of-Things
The Internet of Things (IoT) is a huge worldwide network of connected objects. We explain its components, who is using it and potential risks.
Artificial Intelligence
We explain Artificial Intelligence (AI) – what it is and what it does
Big Data
We explain Big Data – Big Data is not about the data; it is about the value that can be extracted from the data i.e., the meaning contained in the data
Smart Cities Explained
What drives the emergence of smart cities now? What makes a city smart and what are key elements. And we look at some of the leading smart cities of the world.
Smart Home
A smart home is a residence that uses an automation system to (remotely) monitor and manage internet-connected home features like access control, security systems, lighting, climate, entertainment systems, and appliances.
Smart Home for Seniors
If a retirement home or some sort of care facility is not an option for your family, you will need to set up a support system that not only includes your family and caregivers, but also a residence that has been outfitted as a smart home to accommodate your older relatives.
Smart Dust
Smart dust networks are a vision of the networked future where intelligent network of trillions of miniscule sensors continuously feel, taste, smell, see, and hear what is going on in their surrounding environment.
Smart Clothing – The New Black for the Internet of Things
The impact of technology on the textile industry is no longer limited to the design and production environment of clothing. Now, technology is becoming part of the textile itself.
Smart Toys
A lot of marketing hype has resulted in misconceptions about what a ‘smart’ actually is. We explain and show examples.
The Best and Most Innovative Smart Kitchen Appliances
Smart kitchen appliances are designed to make them easier to use and remove tedious routine work. They are integrated with sensor technology, communication capabilities, advanced user interface, even artificial intelligence (AI), for enhanced functionality and a more interactive experience.