Roadmap for the application of nanotechnologies to marine energy

(Nanowerk News) The energy sector is currently facing important technological challenges, not only to incorporate renewable energies but also to modify and make the entire energy production and distribution system more efficient. Nanotechnology developments offer unique solutions which are applicable to the generation, distribution, transportation and storage of energy and the numerous technological developments in this field are numerous.
The Basque Country, by means of its EnergiBasque Strategy, seeks to make the it the centre of knowledge and reference in the industrial development of the energy sector at a global scale. One of its strategic objectives is to develop corporate activities in new emerging energy fields, in which the industrial fabric and scientific-technological agents already have a technology base which presents a good starting point.
Marine energies are an emerging area which is prioritized in the EnergiBasque strategy in which micro and nanotechnologies can offer different solutions to the important needs of current technological development.
Roadmap for the incorporation of micro and nanotechnologies in the Marine  Renewable Energy value chain
The nanoBasque Agency has elaborated a "Roadmap for the incorporation of micro and nanotechnologies in the Marine Renewable Energy value chain" in which there have been identified different solutions that micro and nanotechnologies can offer and the scientific and technological capacities of the Basque Country for each of them.
Its elaboration has had the direct involvement of the main actors in the Basque Country working in this area and from here we thank them for their cooperation.
Source: Basque Research
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