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Box Coater


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  • Andrew Goodwin,Angstrom Engineering Inc.
  • Box Coater

Contact Details

  • Angstrom Engineering Inc.
  • Andrew Goodwin
  • 91 Trillium Dr.
  • Kitchener
  • ON
  • Canada
  • 15198944441223

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  • Andrew Goodwin,Angstrom Engineering Inc.

  • Larger chambers allow for more throw distances between source and substrate, as well as either larger substrate sizes, or larger batches. We offer coaters with quick pump times and full customizable features.

  • Angstrom Engineering creates thin film deposition systems that researchers and developers in top-tier labs all over the world use to innovate new technologies. We stand behind our products with warranties and a service team that is available 24 hours a day. We work so closely with our customers during the ordering, design, testing, installation, and follow-up stages that they become more than customers, they become partners.

    If you are looking for equipment that you do not have to worry about, Angstrom Engineering is worth partnering with.

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