Neat Stuff – Nanotechnology for Kids, Images, Games, and more

Nano Explosions Amazing images from the nanoworld
A collection of amazing and beautiful images of nanoscale objects from various articles here at Nanowerk.
Molecularium My Molecularium – Molecule Building Game
The fast-paced, free game app challenges players to build a wide variety of fascinating molecules from water and vitamin C to caffeine and adrenaline. Kids, parents, teachers, gamers and science enthusiasts of all ages will have a blast launching atoms and learning about molecules!
Cellular Visions: The Inner Life of a Cell Cellular visions: The inner life of a cell
A beautiful eight-minute animation created for Harvard biology students, gives a breathtaking glimpse of life at the molecular scale.
Down to the nanoscale Exploring the nanoworld
The objective of this website is to introduce you to the tools that let us "see" atoms, manipulate them, and create nano-architectural wonders.
Nanotechnology Quiz Test your nano-IQ
20 questions – some serious, some not so serious – about all kinds of aspects of nanoscience and nanotechnology. Answers and explanations are provided.
KittyQ KittyQ – A quantum adventure
The game app revolves around more than 20 exciting brain-teasers based on scientific facts from quantum physics. Anyone who wants to find out what is behind the puzzles can access popularized background knowledge from "Kittypedia".
molecularium Nanospace
NanoSpace features free science-themed games, videos, and other activities for an audience of students in 4th through 8th grade, as well as their teachers and parents, in a fun-filled amusement park and learning environment. NanoSpace is a part of the Molecularium Project, the flagship outreach and education effort of the Rensselaer Nanotechnology Center.
Nanotech Kids Nanozone
Nanotechnology for kids – from the Lawrence Hall of Science at UC Berkeley with games, stories, videos and plenty of other stuff.
Molecular desktop manufacturing Productive Nanosystems: From Molecules to Superproducts
Neat animation showing exactly how a nanofactory might work – many years in the future (if at all).
When things get small When things get small
This half-hour film addresses several important nanotechnology concepts with entertaining effects, humor and comic invention, and illustrates answers to such questions as: How small is nano? What happens when things get small? And, how do you make things small?
Geckoman video game Geckoman!
Working on a science fair project with his lab partner Nikki, Harold Biggums finds himself transformed into a tiny superhero and flung into the midst of an alien plot to take over the world — a plot that he and Nikki can foil only by defying gravity, walking on water and charging across electric fields. This narrative dilemma is the basic storyline for Geckoman! - A video game about nanoscale forces, an online video game developed by Northeastern University researchers at the Center for High-rate Nanomanufacturing (CHN), which seeks to educate middle-school students about nanoscience and technology.
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