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3D printing market is booming as the buzz catches on

What's catching the attention of many industry analysts is the potential size of the market. In a recent survey conducted by a leading industry observer, several experts were asked to speculate on how many of the potential users of the technology have already adopted it. The answers ranged from 1% to 8%. This suggests there is still an extremely large market opportunity ahead.

Aug 28th, 2013

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Researchers 'grow' new cartilage with help of 3D printer

A partnership between scientists at the University of Wollongong and St Vincent's Hospital Melbourne has led to a breakthrough in tissue engineering, with researchers growing cartilage from stem cells to treat cancers, osteoarthritis and traumatic injury.

Aug 8th, 2013

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UPS stores to test in-store 3D printing services

Stratasys Ltd., a leading manufacturer of 3D printers and production systems, announced that it has been selected by The UPS Store to provide its 3D printing systems to The UPS Store as part of a test program that will make it the first national retailer in the U.S. to offer 3D printing service to entrepreneurs, architects, start-ups and other retail customers.

Aug 4th, 2013

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Freeform 3D printer with undo function (w/video)

This project aims to blur the line between processes of design and fabrication in the context of rapid prototyping by increasing the fluidity of the fabrication process through coordinated material and robotic processes.

Aug 2nd, 2013

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Make it yourself and save - a lot - with 3D printers

It may seem like a stretch to envision a 3D printer in every home. However, a Michigan Technological University researcher is predicting that personal manufacturing, like personal computing before it, is about to enter the mainstream in a big way.

Jul 29th, 2013

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Sweet and beautiful: 3D printed sugar sculptures

The Sugar Lab is a micro-design firm for custom 3D printed sugar. With their background in architecture and their penchant for complex geometry, the husband and wife architectural design team Liz and Kyle von Hasslen are bringing 3D printing technology to the genre of mega-cool cakes.

Jul 18th, 2013

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Deloitte and 3D Systems form alliance to offer 3D-printing solutions

3D printing has the potential to radically transform the relationship between design, mass customization, and manufacturing across multiple industries. Deloitte and 3D Systems plan to combine efforts to guide business leaders through the full spectrum of solutions and capabilities required to harness the value and potential of this disruptive technology and integrate it into their business models for sustainable competitive advantage.

Jul 12th, 2013

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