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Taking 3D printing of electronic parts to the next level

Researchers have demonstrated a novel and groundbreaking way to additively print gallium nitride (GaN) - a material that can be used to produce semiconductor power devices as well as radio-frequency components and light-emitting diodes - using a combination of liquid and gas.

Dec 2nd, 2019

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Glass from a 3D printer (w/video)

Researchers used a 3D printing process to produce complex and highly porous glass objects. The basis for this is a special resin that can be cured with UV light.

Nov 27th, 2019

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3D printed optics

Researchers have produced so-called diffraction gratings using 3D printing. Their measurements have shown that the gratings enable systematic manipulation of high-frequency radiation.

Nov 20th, 2019

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3D printing chocolate without temperature control

A new approach to the 3D printing of chocolate using cold extrusion instead of the conventional hot-melt extrusion method, eliminates the need for stringent temperature controls, offering wider potential for the 3D printing of temperature-sensitive food.

Oct 31st, 2019

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