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Motorised transport: train, plane, road or boat - which is greenest?

Train travel remains overall the most environmentally friendly mode of motorised passenger transport in Europe - in terms of greenhouse gas emissions - as compared to travelling by car or plane, according to two transport and environment studies published by the European Environment Agency (EEA).

Mar 24th, 2021

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Green fuels for aviation

The goal of a new joint initiative called SynFuels is to develop a process for producing kerosene from renewable resources. In this way liquid fuel mixtures of the highest quality, which would allow the most residue-free combustion possible and thus be suitable for aircraft propulsion, should be obtainable using carbon dioxide and hydrogen from renewable resources.

Feb 25th, 2021

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Recycling carbon emissions to useful chemicals

Researchers have developed a bioelectrosynthetic process in which electroactive bacteria convert CO/CO2 into useful metabolites like acetate and volatile fatty acids using electricity as the reducing power.

Feb 18th, 2021

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