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Programming pH

Researchers have developed a technique to control pH at the local level, creating a dense array of microsites where the amount of protons is 100 to 1000 times higher than the average in the rest of the solution.

Jul 27th, 2022

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Evolutionary model predicts partitioning of molecules within cells

Scientists have developed a new theoretical method to study mixtures consisting of many different molecules. They analyzed how the molecules interact to reliably form different droplets, as happens continuously in living cells. With this model, particular droplet formation based on many interacting molecules can be predicted for the first time.

Jul 26th, 2022

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CRISPR therapeutics can damage the genome

According to a research team, the CRISPR genome editing method is very effective, but not always safe. Sometimes cleaved chromosomes do not recover and genomic stability is compromised - which in the long run might promote cancer.

Jul 25th, 2022

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Opening new doors: First synthetic mechanosensitive potassium channel

Intrigued by the properties of ion channel proteins commonly observed in cells, researchers have developed the first synthetic mechanosensitive potassium channel using a newly developed aromatic fluorinated amphiphilic cyclophane. Displaying both stimuli responsiveness and selective ion transport abilities, their new ion channel could open new doors for the future therapeutic and industrial usage of synthetic mechanosensitive channels.

Jul 15th, 2022

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