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observatoryNANO project kicks off in London

The project's mission is to create a European Observatory on Nanotechnologies to present reliable, complete and responsible science-based and economic expert analysis, across different technology sectors, establish dialogue with decision makers and others regarding the benefits and opportunities, balanced against barriers and risks, and allow them to take action to ensure that scientific and technological developments are realized as socio-economic benefits.

Posted: Apr 15th, 2008

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Laser light cools microchip

Ground-state cooling should in principle be possible in the 'resolved-sideband regime', as demonstrated with trapped atom and ions. Researchers have now been able to demonstrate just this very regime experimentally - taking a key step towards ground state cooling.

Posted: Apr 14th, 2008

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Where's the glue? Scientists find a surprise when they look for what binds in superconductivity

Provocative results yielded by two years of experiments carried out at Princeton University have a group of scientists saying that high-temperature superconductivity does not hinge on a magical glue binding electrons together. The secret to superconductivity, they say, may rest instead on the ability of electrons to take advantage of their natural repulsion in a complex situation.

Posted: Apr 11th, 2008

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