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Large-scale screening of nanomaterial toxicity and activity

Two researchers working independently of one another have developed new methods for measuring the biological activity of nanomaterials in a highly systematic manner that enable them to draw important insights about nanomaterial biologic activity.

Posted: Jun 13th, 2008

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BMW's (nanotechnology?) shape-shifting car

It seems that reality is catching up with science fiction fast. On TV, the latest Knight Rider series features a car that embraces nanotechnology to change colors and morph into similar car forms temporarily. Yesterday, BMW introduced it's GINA Light Visionary Model.

Posted: Jun 12th, 2008

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From the (very) small to the 'big picture'

One looks at the 'small science' of nanomaterials, the other looks at big picture issues with the Canadian health care system. Today at The University of Western Ontario, both Francois Lagugne-Labarthet and Amardeep Thind were awarded Canada Research Chairs - one of the country's most prestigious research awards.

Posted: Jun 12th, 2008

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